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I cheerfully galloped up the stairs, looked at Natasha along the way,

being in shutdown. Entering the kitchen, poured water into the kettle, clicked the button. I don’t always cook for myself, but this one was square! Sandwiches, various snacks. She looked into the refrigerator - well, okay, he will have scrambled eggs

Igorek appeared and immediately reached for a bottle. I glanced at the label - "Crystal", - no, decent girls don't drink this on an empty stomach.

frying pan subsided only seven eggs. Well, let's see, such a dish can be played as an encore.

Have you called Telega yet? I asked without turning around. In reply

- silence. I looked back. Igor, holding an empty glass in one hand and cheese in the other, squinted angrily at me, trembling with the wings of his nose.

Tell me please! And who had just been lying with all four paws up, scared to death that Natasha would play with his magnificence, like with plasticine!


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